Russia is one of the most dynamically developing countries in the world. Constantly re-equipment of industry enterprises, construction of large capital objects, investments into energy utilities - all these activities require implementation of best products and complex engineering solutions from all over the world.

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  • 20 November 2013, 18:28.
    "Siemens" intends to cooperate with the Kazan energy University
    Nowadays the German company signed a cooperation agreement with the Kazan State Energy Engineering University under the leadership of the visit of "Siemens" in the Republic of Tatarstan, (KGEU). This document was signed by Rector Edward Abdullazyanov and the President of the "Siemens" in Russia Dietrich Meller. The ceremony was held in the presence of the President of...
  • 20 November 2013, 17:11.
    "Moscow United Electric Grid" will send more than 2 billion rubles ( 60 million $) to update the distribution networks in the south suburbs
    JSC " Moscow United Electric Grid " realizes the task of keeping up to date the technical state of distribution networks : to use wires of brands SIP-2 to 0.4 kV networks and SIP-3 to 6 lines -10 kV insulated instead of traditional air lines ( AL) with bare wires. Upgrading and construction of these lines are maintained as part of the investment program and the grid connection. Now...
  • 20 November 2013, 12:46.
    SemiRigid 1050 is a swiss precision in the semi-rigid coaxial cable stripping
    The partner of " Sovtest ATE ", one of the world 's leading manufacturers of equipment for the processing of wire and cable, Schleuniger ( Switzerland) company today announced a new programmable machine – a semiautomatic SemiRigid 1050 for stripping of semi-rigid coaxial cable. Currently coaxial cables are widely used in communication networks , test and measurement...
  • 18 November 2013, 12:16.
    The round table "Cable industry. Alternative View" will be held on December 3, 2013. Registration for the table is open!
    On December 3, 2013, the first day of the international specialized exhibition " Electrical Networks of Russia - 2013" the round table " Cable industry . Alternative View "(conference room number 208, Hall A)  will be held. The purpose of the event is a reflection of the most controversial public issues that exist in the cable industry . Extensive coverage of topical...
  • 15 November 2013, 11:25.
    The future of intelligent networks
    The company Ventyx – a unit of ABB Power Systems in Russia - held an exclusive seminar "The Future of Smart Grid” in Moscow. The seminar was opened by the President of ABB in Russia Anatoly Popov , who was describing the trends in the global and Russian energy and achievements of ABB as a leader in innovative designs . The Director General of Ventyx Jeff Ray spoke on...
  • 14 November 2013, 13:13.
    Simens in Russia has announced the financial results of 2013
    Yesterday in Moscow, at a press event of the "Siemens" company the results of fiscal year 2013 cluster were officially announced. During the reporting period, from 1 October 2012 to 30 September 2013, the turnover of the "Siemens" in Russia and Central Asia has increased by over 20% compared to the last year and reached 2.4 billion euros. New Orders amounted 2.4 billion...
  • 14 November 2013, 12:44.
    "Helukabel Russa" presents a new cable - JZ-500 black
    The HELUKABEL Company updated its product range with a new UV-resistant cable JZ-500 black, which can be used for different purposes The technical characteristics Special PVC-cover: In accordance with DIN VDE 0285-525-2-51/DIN EN 50525-2-51 The temperature...
  • 12 November 2013, 15:14.
    VOLTA Engineering Group streamlines information collection and transmission of "DagEnergo"
    The Russian company VOLTA Engineering Group, a system integrator in the field of energy, won the announced by JSC "IDGC of the North Caucasus" competition to modernize the collection and transfer (SSPI) in "DagEnergo". Members of the Group Ltd VOLT "Energosoft IR" will modernize the introduction of new means of remote control and connection with the use of digital...
  • 12 November 2013, 10:11.
    Group of Companies "New Technologies" has become a supplier of Roxtec production
    The group of Companies "New Technologies" continues to develop new and adjacent markets in Electricity Sector. For example, in the recent time, we became suppliers of "Roxtec", specializing in the production of professional systems for sealing cables and pipes. These are the perfect cable ducts and glands, the input panel feeders, penetrations for pipes, tires and other...
  • 12 November 2013, 09:22.
    "Siemens Transformers" has signed a contract to supply equipment for "RusHydro"
    The first transformer equipment manufactured by JSCO "Siemens Transformers" (Voronezh) for JSC "RusHydro" will be the two power transformers of 25 MVA TD 110 kV for Zaragizhskaya small hydropower plant. This hydroelectric power plant is the lower stage of the Lower Cherek cascade, which is the part of the Small hydropower plant in Kabardino-Balkaria. The cooperation of JSCo...