The fairly long and rich history of the Media-Holding RusCable goes back to 1999, when a web-portal RusCable.Ru was created in order to capture the diverse life of wire & cable industry of Russia. Time has passed away and nowadays the Media-Holding is a leading wire & cable and electrotechnical information source of Russia with more than 20000 daily visitors.

The main timelines of the history of the Media-Holding

  • Establishment of the web-portal RusCable.Ru.
  • The start of the first-of-a-kind internet Forum of industry specialists.
  • RusCable.Ru became the General information partner of the Moscow leading industry exhibition – CABEX. The event is the only exhibition in Russia presenting cables and wires; electrical and wiring accessories; equipment for lining and installation of cables and wires. More than 5000 visitors each year attend the CABEX.
  • The RusCableClub was established. Since that this important industry event has been performing on a regular annual base. The casual RusCableClub usually takes place during the exhibition CABEX and gathers key top-level people from the cable industry of Russia and CIS. In fact, the first Club attracted more than 200 individuals from almost 75 industry companies and organizations.
  • o The Magazine “Kabel-News” went out into the world. Today it is the only Russian-language edition for cable industry professionals involved in a variety of the innovation development, process and management activities.
  • Video broadcasting of the exhibition CABEX was organized. In the forth the application of video broadcasting of different industry events becomes a common.
  • The web-portal was awarded by the Moscow Inter-regional Electrical Grid Company (nowadays The Russian Grids) for the input for development of industry information space.
  • The renewal of the web-portal RusCable.Ru with concurrent opening of such Sections as “Standards” (the largest database of national standards and regulations), “Interviews”, “Patents”, etc.
  • The Media-Holding became the General information partner of the exhibition ELECTRA;
  • Edition of the first issue of the Magazine “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission & Distribution” which primarily focuses on such vital industry topics as energy utilities operation, electrical grids development, new technology implementation, energy efficiency and saving, etc.
  • IPNES-2010/Innovation projects in the electrical complex of Russia (Moscow). The Media-Holding RusCable.Ru organizes the first International conference for the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.
  • The Media-Holding became the mass-media partner of All-Russia Forum Energo-2010 that took place in the Moscow Energy University (MEI).
  • A threshold of 10000 visitors per day has been gained.
  • The launch of a new service SKLAD.RusCable.Ru developed for suppliers and customers of cable products.
  • Issuance of the licensed Russian edition “Transmission & Distribution World”. This international edition is issued in Russian language and compliments the well-known Magazine “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission & Distribution”.
  • The emerging of a new project - punp.ru that aimed at provision of assistance to customers to differentiate quality cable products from infringement and bootleg ones.
  • Daily attendance of the web-portal RusCable.Ru by 20000 visitors was reached.
  • Alexander Gusev, CEO and President of the Media-Holding RusCable, became a Head of the Sub-section “Cable Industry” of the Consultancy Board of the Energy Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
  • The formation of the Sub-section “Electrical grids” of the Consultancy Board of the Energy Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The Media-Holding is one of the key creators of this industry expert community.
  • The Media-Holding RusCable became a member of the International Wire and Machinery Association (IWMA). The English version of the web-portal has been re-designed in order to more reflect the industry life to international visitors.