Russia is one of the most dynamically developing countries in the world. Constantly re-equipment of industry enterprises, construction of large capital objects, investments into energy utilities - all these activities require implementation of best products and complex engineering solutions from all over the world.

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  • 11 February 2014, 10:05.
    IEK goes to the East
    IEK Group companies launches its exhibition season ! And this year's exhibition will be held in the Middle East - Dubai (United Arab Emirates) with the participation of the Civil IEK. From 11 to 13 February, electrical equipment brand IEK will be presented at a special exhibition of the electricity industry in the countries of the Middle East MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY 2014 . IEK Brand continues...
  • 10 February 2014, 08:55.
    WIRE as Market Mirror
    April 7-11, 2014 – Düsseldorf will host 15th International Wire and Cable Trade Fair WIRE-2014. Traditionally, alongside with it, the city will host 14th International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair Tube-2014.
  • 05 February 2014, 17:47.
    For the second time ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and distribution will be an organizer of the exhibition for NK Rosneft
    From 16 to 17 of June, 2014, in Angarsk there will be the Meeting devoted to the results of “NK  “Rosneft” subsidiaries’ activity in HSE (Health, safety and environment). During the Meeting there will be demonstrations for accident management.
  • 30 January 2014, 17:47.
    Repairing telecommunications cable in the mine quickly and in a new way
    The 3M company launches the sale of universal repair kit in telecommunications cable in underground mines.
  • 30 January 2014, 17:19.
    BB got the Zayed Future Energy 2014 prize
    Honoring the ABB commitment to promote innovation , energy efficiency and renewable energy. The ABB company, a leading power equipment and automation technology group , has been awarded the Zayed Future Energy Prize in 2014 for company's efforts in innovation , renewable energy and energy efficiency. «We are glad to receive the award of Zayed Future Energy 2014 “- ABB President...
  • 29 January 2014, 18:13.
    In 2014 the UMMC investment in the development of Gaisky GOK will exceed 3 billion rubles ( 100 million dollars)
    UMMC tends to invest about 3.1 billion rubles in the development of " Gai GOK" (UMMC enterprise resource complex) in 2014. The main funding will be transited for the expansion of the underground mine in company, the modernization and expansion of the concentrator plant. Investment in the development of deep horizons of Gaisky GOK underground mine amounted 1.2 billion rubles (40...
  • 27 January 2014, 18:47.
    Updating the program of accessories selection and fasteners calculating "OSTEC-Spec 2"
    The updated program «OSTEC- Spec 2 " (version 2.0.10 ), intended for selecting and calculating the amount of straight sections trays, covers , connectors , hardware , accessories and hangers required to build a specific length of cable routing is posted on the website under Software. The new version presented the transitions of new design for PPL IFR PPC , PTP, php , six-meter...
  • 27 January 2014, 16:15.
    ABB received a Diploma in the nomination "For innovation" from MRSK of the North-West
    At the end of December 2013 MRSK of the North -West , a subsidiary of " Rossetti ", held presentation day in St. Petersburg Corporate on which key equipment manufacturers presented their products for the electric power industry . After the event the presentation of ABB of high voltage modular RU PASS M0H (Plug and Switch System) type and switch-disconnectors (DCB) was awarded with the...
  • 22 January 2014, 18:10.
    Interviewing the Directory Head of Cabex Exhibition Natalya Medvedeva
    The International Exhibition of cable products Cabex will be held traditionally in 2014 in "Sokolniki",  Moscow from 11 till 14 March.
  • 21 January 2014, 18:05.
    Interbat 2014
    BM Rosendahl is looking forward to meeting with clients and partners at the INTERBAT 2014.