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"ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission & Distribution" No 1(22) January-February, 2014. Summary.

ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission & Distribution No 1(22) January-February, 2014. Summary.

3 March 2014, 08:33
Tags: ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission & Distribution


This issue is featured by an exclusive interview with Nicholay Shulginov, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of JSC SO UES, focused on the main aspects of the Technical performance regulations for electric power systems – basic branch document forming unified industry technical rules for all sector entities.

The first 2014 issue «Accent» heading begins with an exclusive interview with the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of JSC SO UES Nicholay Shulginov who detailed on the main aspects of the Technical performance regulations for electric power systems – basic branch document forming unified technical rules for all sector entities and imposing mandatory requirements to ensure reliable operation and development of UES of Russia.

“Electric vehicles” heading presents an article on Electric vehicle charging infrastructure integration in the USA, Europe and China, which tells about ambitious targets of various countries leaders to introduce electric vehicles as one of the ways to mitigate vehicle emissions, the main ones are nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. This article was prepared based on the review of the analytical report prepared by M.J. Bradley & Associates LLC (USA) and approved by the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), as well as International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

Heading "Events" covers open meeting of the professional community of Power concerning "Issues of the distribution grid facilities performance in the Russian Federation." The event was organized by the expert section “Electric Networks” of Advisory Council under the Chairman of the Duma Committee on Energy and the magazine “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and distribution”. The category "Events" also provides an overview of the scientific-practical conference dedicated to the innovative development of power electric grid, which was held in Yekaterinburg on the initiative of JSC Rossetti, JSC FGC UES, JSC IDGC of Urals and Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia Yeltsin B. N. (UrFU).

Our readers will be interested in the interview with the Maxim Artemyev, Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs - chief engineer of JSC LenEnergo, in which he talks about the organizational and technical measures applied by the company to accelerate the recovery process after network disturbances.

Technical connection” heading includes an article “Determining the connection fee based on the reliability factor” which highlights the correction and further development of the "Guidelines for the determination of payment for technological connection to electric networks", approved in 2012.

Power quality topics are covered by two articles of the issue – “Approaches to ensure regulatory power quality” by the authors from OAO UES FGC and the NRU MPEI and “Quality of electricity: Who will answer?” – by the specialists of JSC IDGC North-West .

Heading “Smart Grid” provides articles by BCC company which occupies a leading ranking position in IT companies and specializes in large-scale projects in the field of infrastructure construction and First Retail Company JSC, which in addition to traditional services is actively working towards an energy audit, energy consulting and developing systems for electric power fiscal accounting.

Article "Saving is a challenge for the designer" covers an impromptu Roundtable, which took place in January this year at “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and distribution” columnist at JSC SevZap NTC affecting not only network designers, but the energy industry as a whole. The participants discussed the ongoing and upcoming changes in the electricity sector with regard to the implementation of the Energy strategy of Russia, adopted almost a year ago, April 3, 2013.

The same column “Power transmission line design” presents an interview with Ltd SevZapEnergoEngineering technical director, in which he talks about the challenges and prospects of the Institute.

The heading “Energy saving” contains the article written by company Rakurs "Course for energy efficiency" where participation of engineering companies with Russian capital in the implementation of innovative programs of public corporations, as one of the most important conditions to support innovation and implementation of new development is covered.

Sleet accumulation issue is highlighted under “Overhead transmission lines” section. Improvement of ice melting systems which are efficient in improving reliability of OL is discussed here.  Method to detect ice formations on OL wires which allows to securely track the dynamics of real-time wire icing and clearly identify the beginning of ice accretion melting to prevent breakage of wires is also considered. 

Also this section tells about creation of a non-profit partnership “Electosetizolyazia” uniting developers, manufacturers and suppliers of insulation materials, fittings and protection devices for electrical networks as well as new developments of CICAM LLC, MZVA CJSC and Energoservice LLC companies.

Heading “Equipment” contains an article “Requirements for network energy storage batteries” by JSC VNIIR, as well as an interview with Vyacheslav Shein, CEO ElektroKoncept who talks about his company – developer and manufacturer of operational DC systems, charging-rectifier devices, batteries, backup and uninterruptible power supply systems.

The results of the annual general meeting of SRO NCP "ENERGOSTROY" are covered under the “Self-regulating organizations in the energy industry” section.
Reports from hallmark industry events – international specialized exhibition "Electrical Networks of Russia", II International Youth Conference "Power through the eyes of youth", SAPE are published under the heading  “Exhibitions, conferences”.

Article by Energocontract company under “Personal protective clothing” heading is about the new development – the innovative protective clothing for the Olympic power engineers.

Heading “PERSONNEL” contains the following articles: “Preparing the next generation of power men of Russia” by NCP RNC CIGRE, “Formula for success” concerning IDGC of Center and Privolzhie award in the field of quality, “Training Center “Energy” opens the door” on the establishment of the additional professional education at GC Meridian.

The heading “World experience” contains articles on the activities of CIGRE – Symposium in Auckland (New Zealand) “Best practices in the field of power transmission and distribution under environmental changes” and “Continuous monitoring of the substation (experience of Romania)”.

Magazine “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and distribution” is supported by representatives of the Editorial Board and the Board of Publication: managers and leading specialists of the largest Russian power grid and utilities, industry entities and specialized agencies to cover objectively and professionally the whole range of issues to ensure reliable and efficient operation of grid development.

Supplement to the magazine – “Transmission & Distribution World. Russian Edition”, containing articles about the achievements of foreign network companies allows readers to get acquainted with the global experience in operating and construction of electrical networks.

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