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"Kama cable" certified the issue of cables with low toxicity of LTh index

26 February 2014, 11:48
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"Kamkabel" plant certified the release of cable products with LTh index. Permian cable operators learned the production trends with leading research , design and technological institute of cable industry .

The main feature of the new generation of cables is the low toxicity of combustion products.

 In accordance with applicable of Russian fire safety requirements , cables, which are flame retardant while installing , low smoke and low toxicity of gas combustion products , are in a separate group . The main sphere of their adaptation is building kindergartens and educational institutions , specialized nursing homes , hospitals , entertainment , sports , club facilities, subways , buildings, public service organizations , etc.

 Trial issue of power and control cables with LTx index was released on "Kamkabel" in 2013. Cable has been successfully tested and received certificates of conformity , confirming the high quality and safety of products . A unique feature of cables with LTx index, produced by " Kama cable " is the innovative materials used in manufacturing and providing low toxicity of products during its combustion. Low toxicity cables do not emit corrosive and toxic gases , flame retardancy , can operate in a fire , and have self-extinguishing .

Today, " Kamsky cable" offers consumers the following products with the LTx index:

• Control cables , flame retardant , with low smoke and gas emission and low toxicity of combustion products , including fire-resistant cables of 0.66 kV voltage grades : Kvvgng (A )-LSLTx, KVVGEng (A )-LSLTx, Kvvgng (A) -FRLSLTx, KVVGEng (A )-FRLSLTx various sections (TU 16-705.496-2011 )

• Power cables,which are flame retardant , with low smoke and gas emission and low toxicity of combustion products , including fire resistant to voltage of 1 kV and 0.66 marks: VVGng (A )-LSLTx, AVVGng (A )-LSLTx, VVGEng (A )-LSLTx, AVVGEng (A )-LSLTx, VVGng (A )-FRLSLTx, VVGEng (A )-FRLSLTx, VBShvng (A )-LSLTx, AVBShvng (A )-LSLTx, VBShvng (A )-FRLSLTx ( TU 16-705.496 -2011 )

For people who are trapped in a fire , the time depends not on a minute - but on the second. And sometimes on how the building is equipped with a cable depends on human security and dozens of saved lives . Power and control cables of LTx brand, produced by "Kamsky cable" are the most advanced technology, meet modern requirements and are characterized by a high degree of reliability and security for the people in the buildings in case of fire .