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The Turkish producer ERSE KABLO

23 September 2013, 17:40
Tags: Cable TC


The Development of Cable TC Company does not stagnate, it increases and partnerships with Turkish cable producers are growing in number. And we are happy to introduce you another partner - ERSE KABLO. Company ERSE KABLO, founded in 1996, is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of cable, occupies a prominent place among the leading manufacturers of these products. The company ERSE KABLO is a customer-oriented company, open to improvement and aimed at ensuring the quality in relation to a reasonable price in its marketing strategy.

The Company ERSE KABLO proved itself on the electrical market, customers trust them and they are willing to buy coaxial cable, signal and control cable, telecommunications and other species.

ERSE KABLO Company produces a wide range of cable products of high quality and competitiveness:
• Signal and Control Cables
• Fire-resistant cables
• Instrumentation Cables
• Data
• Offshore and marine cables
• Telecommunication cables
• Silicone cables
• Coaxial cables

The cable TC company's stock has always available products under the brand ERSE KABLO, moreover, our managers are able to place an order for the private production with the focus on the needs and wishes of clients. Coordinated work with the manufacturer allows quickly locate and get an order in time.