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Ventyx Company innovated a new decision to rule the distributing networks

Ventyx Company innovated a new decision to rule the distributing networks

25 September 2013, 09:14
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Ventyx Company presented an innovative solution for managing distribution networks that will help utilities to realize the concept of intelligent networks provided by renewable energy sources and distributed generation.

The company introduced an innovative solution on the Ventyx Ventyx World user conference in 2013 that will help utilities effectively integrate the rapidly growing number of renewable and distributed energy resources around the world in their networks to ensure the sustainable supply and demand balance. Ventyx solution for managing distribution networks (Distribution System Operations) is developed with the participation and strategic testing of E.ON company, one of the world's largest energy companies owned by investors with more than 26 million customers in 30 countries.

According to the International Energy Agency (International Energy Agency), global energy demand could increase 35% by 2035. Taking into account the fact that 60-70% of the total energy losses are the losses in the distribution network, global energy companies understand the need to solve the problem of efficiency of distribution networks and the integration of more renewable energy to the grid.

"Managing the new generation of smart grid should be able to handle the growing needs to meet the expectations of customers, - said Peter Sigenstam, vice president and head of the Innovation Center for distribution networks, the E.ON company. - We have already started to implement Ventyx solutions to support the next generation of intelligent networks in E.ON, and we hope that by early 2014 a decision will be operational for initial testing and development of the system. We are proud of our partnership with Ventyx to develop new solutions for distribution networks. "

Ventyx decision for managing distribution networks bases on strategic research and development initiatives between E.ON, ABB and Ventyx to identify IT solutions next-generation intelligent networks. The new solution will offer global utilities model of best practices that can help to ensure greater effectiveness of increasingly complex electrical networks around the world, helping them to meet the growing demand of energy, increasing renewable energy generation and provide consumers with the tools to make the right choice.

"There is tremendous pressure on the distribution networks to maintain the reliability and security of networks and at the same time sustainable development and the need to provide consumers with more choice, - said Rick Nicholson, vice president and curator of solutions for transmission and distribution networks, the Ventyx Company. - We have partnered with some of the most innovative network operators to create a decision that will offer them the necessary transparency - from the power supply to a power outlet in your home to make distributed and renewable energy sources a part of its operations in the network. This will also allow them to integrate more easily new technologies such as energy storage and enable electric vehicles and provide more control over bandwidth, efficiency, sustainability and attract customers, while exceeding customer expectations in terms of network reliability. "

Ventyx solution integrates and optimizes the value of the assets distributed generation and demand-side management in intelligent networks. This can help utilities switch from conventional networks requiring continuous response to events and disparate manual intervention, holistic and resilient interconnected networks. Integrated solution provides the conversion of the whole process of distribution networks and systems includes features reliable SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), DMS (distribution management system) to optimize voltage levels and demand management.