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Repairing telecommunications’ cable in the mine quickly and in a new way

Repairing telecommunications’ cable in the mine quickly and in a new way

30 January 2014, 17:47
Tags: 3M Russia


The 3M company launches the sale of universal repair kit in telecommunications cable in underground mines.

Mechanical damage to the telecommunication cable is one of the common problems in underground mines of mining companies. Experts estimate that one mine accounted , on average, 600 cases per year of cable damage and its repair is complicated due to the location of the cable , the difficulty of access.

The 3M company is a universal set for rapid repair and restoration of the cable in the mine. Repair kit 3M ™ 3107 for telecommunication cable is developed by engineers "3M Russia " at the request of Russian specialists mining companies with regard to their objectives and specific work .

One can easily carry out repairs cable in coal mines with the kit components, even in the face of constrained workspace. The set is used in average for three repairs.

A well-known connector 3M ™ Scotchlok ™ UY- 2 , a part of the 3107 set , securely holds the twisted-pair cable (up to 100 )  and professional insulation materials to protect it from external insult and re-injury . Insulating tapes densely fill voids and smooth out the bumps, that are resistant to moisture and corrosion.

So rubber mastic tape Scotch ® 2228 can be used on copper or aluminum wires with a nominal operating temperature of 90 ° C and 130 ° C in an emergency overload. Professional Masking Tape Scotch ® Super 33 + ™ is suitable for installation at low temperatures, retains the properties at temperatures up to -40 ° C , is resistant to chemicals, abrasion and weather, does not support combustion .

Affordable price set, lightweight and compact packaging (compared to other solutions of repairing the cable in the mine), versatility and ease of use allows to repair telecommunications cable quickly with maximum convenience, located in the mines.

The kit does not require fire or heating during installation, which is especially important for use in coal mines and is certified for use in the mining industry.

«3M ™ 3107 Repair Kit for telecommunication cable is a specialized professional product, " golden mean "  in the market. Its versatility and reasonable price meet the needs of customers, operating a cable control, communications and signaling. It is particularly relevant for the repair of such cables in coal mines, because it corresponds to the requirements of industrial safety and has a corresponding certificate ", - Konstantin Belousov says, the Head of electrical equipment in «3M Russia».