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"Sevkabel" and Cellpack AG signed a cooperation memorandum

9 December 2013, 11:49
Tags: Sevkabel, Cellpack AG


The meeting of the management group "Sevkabel" and the Cellpack AG company took place in St. Petersburg. The negotiations were held by the GC " Sevkabel" where CEO Vladimir Bukhin and commercial director Sergei Urdin participated. Cellpack AG Company was represented by CEO Cellpack GmbH Electrical Products Joachim Tchira , Head of Eastern Market Jerzy Petrosyak , CEO in Russia offices - LLC "European Cable Systems Rus " (LLC " CEN ") Vsevolod Yuzhev and commercial director Sergei Bauer.

The sides discussed the possibility of joint cooperation in the field of integrated cable supply, released on “Sevkabel” Group companies, complete with Cellpack cable gland plant of AG 1-35 kV voltage class .

According to the signed memorandum at the bilateral meeting , Cellpack AG will keep the demand for warehouse positions GC " Sevkabel" to maintain and increase the demand for cable fittings that will allow "Sevkabel" rebar to be used not only in the programs of "turnkey" , but also as an independent unit price .

Moreoever, it is planned that Cellpack AG office on the territory of Russia and Company " CEN " will provide any technical or educational production support for HA "Sevkabel" .

One of the advantages of working together will be the location of the offices of both companies in St. Petersburg , which will allow to solve problems quickly.

Cellpack AG Company ( Switzerland - Germany ) is one of the leading manufacturers and service providers in Europe, which develops and manufactures cable gland for power cables of low and medium voltage .