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A new product in line of the flexible fire-resistant cables of JSC "CZE" appeared

A new product in line of the flexible fire-resistant cables of JSC CZE appeared

6 September 2013, 11:15
Tags: Electrocable Kolchugino, cable, flexible flame retardant cables


Kolchuginskij "Electrocable" started the production of flexible flame retardant cables,  with a shell made ​​of polyurethane.

JSC "Electrocable" Kolchugino "started a serial production of cables types KGRUng (A)-HF and KGRUEng (A)-HF - flame retardant flexible cables with rubber insulation based on ethylene-propylene rubber and polyurethane outer jacket.

The cables are designed for connecting mobile machinery, tools and equipment to the grid and mobile sources of electrical power for rated voltage of 0.66 / 1 kV to 100 Hz or DC voltage up to 1.5 kV. The cable may be used, provided flexing with minimum bend radius of 8 unshielded cable outer diameter, shielded cables - equal to the outer diameter of the 10 cables.

The new products are the best alternative to power cable, flexible brand CTG according to a number of performance:



KGRUng (A)-HF,
 KGRU ng (A)-HF

Cable life

2,5 года

10 лет

Expluatation temperature range

- 30 0С to 50 0С

- 60 0С to 60 0С

permissible temperature of conductors, not more than

75 0C

 90 0C

resistance to solar radiation



group gasket in terms of flame retardance



number of cores

Up to 5

Up to 61

More detailed information see in Catalogue.
Now the details are certificated
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