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“Energocontact” was included in National Association of Purchase Institution

13 August 2013, 11:44
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The inventor and producer of remedies from professional risks Group of Companies “Energocontact” was included in non-commercial partnership of purchasing development “National association of Purchasing Institution”. “Energocontact” tends to use NAPI as a station of business-communication with profile state structures, potential clients and partners.

“National Association of Purchasing Institution” was founded last year as a specialized non-commercial organization, gathering expert, trading, state and commercial organizations in the sphere of corporate and federal purchases.

During the first year of its work NAPI succeeded to realize a range of large projects, and programs that helped to discover serious faults in the purchasing sphere. One of the directions of NAPI sphere is an open dialog between business and state for creation of successful and effective sphere of purchasing. In this sphere the interests of Groups of Companies “Energocontact” and National Association of Purchasing Institution are the same. “Nowadays NAPI is a unique structure in Russia, that controls the experience of true professionals in trading-purchasing sphere”- the Director Of general and organizational questions in “Energocontact” Alexander Arishkov says – “We view NAPI activity as an effective way of dialog with business community, true and potential clients and partners with the aim of improving the purchasing culture, its clearness and effectiveness”

Nowadays the members of NAPI are JSCo “Gaspromneft”, JSCo “RAO ES Vostoka”, JSCo “Rostelekom” and other Russian companies, whose staff is protected from professional risks by “Energocontact” coveralls.

The membership in NAPI gives the opportunity to participate in committee, commissions and workgroups activity and propose suggestions of improvement of purchasing – trading business on legislator level .

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