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The “TATKABEL” plant got certificates for 330 kV cables

The “TATKABEL” plant got certificates for 330 kV cables

3 September 2015, 18:12


In June 2015 tests of a 330 kV cable with a conductor cross 2500 square mm, with a halogen-free sheath, with a semiconducting layer on the sheath from semiconducting halogen-free compound were finished with a success.

The tests for correspondence of the following indexes took place in the Engineer Center “Ognestoykost” in Moscow:
- non-proliferation of combustion during a single laying
- smoke formation
- corrosive activity of products of smoke and gas liberation during combustion and smouldering.

Positive results of the tests prove safety and reliability of use of cables with a semiconducting layer by the “TATKABEL” plant.

On the strength of reports of the tests the “TATKABEL” plant got a certificate of compliance with requirements of the Technical Regulation of fire safety requirements(№ 123-F3 of June 22nd, 2008).

Moreover, 330 kV cables passed recertification in a system of voluntary certification State Standards R of compliance with requirements of International Electrotechnical Commission 62067 on the strength of the reports of the tests of trial centers IPH, Germany, “NIIPT”, St Petersburg and the Engineer Center of the “TATKABEL” plant.