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IEK® Equipment - is a reliable weapon in professional battles of Worldskills!

IEK® Equipment -  is a reliable weapon in professional battles of Worldskills!

11 November 2014, 22:07
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In early October 2014 Russia took part in the European Championships of working professions Euroskills 2014 held in the French city of Lille. One of the disciplines in which the Russian national team has become is the competence "Electrical installation". To perform the task, a competitive Russian participant chose a domestic installation tool brand IEK.

Championships in Lille gathered 450 participants from 25 countries and more than 90 000 spectators. The Russian team included representatives from 12 regions that participated in competitions in 15 professions. Russia in competence "Electrical installation" presented the winner of the national championship WorldSkills Russia, Krasnoyarsk graduate industrial-Metallurgical College Vitaly Pantea.

IEK Tool, used by the young installer for the job at the international competition, had the real test of strength in France: the installation of the GCC, cable support systems, electrical systems and diagnostics of electrical circuits. Following the results of the practical tests the quality of the instrument and its convenience for assembly participants were rated as "excellent".

Group IEK and national movement WorldSkills Russia jointly develop competencies "Electrical work" in Russia. Cooperation of companies began in 2014: in May GC IEK support national championship collar occupations, and in July signed a cooperation agreement. Under the agreement IEK Group is actively involved in creating a national database of specialist training-linemen.