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WIRE as Market Mirror

WIRE as Market Mirror

10 February 2014, 08:55
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April 7-11, 2014 – Düsseldorf will host 15th International Wire and Cable Trade Fair WIRE-2014. Traditionally, alongside with it, the city will host 14th International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair Tube-2014.

On the threshold of this event, which is of utmost importance for the world industry, the management of the German Exhibition Organizing Company “Messe Düsseldorf GmbH” and Friedrich Kehrer, director of Wire/Tube 2014 Trade Fairs, arranged a reception for Russian press and business representatives, with a presentation of the forthcoming meeting program.

According to organizers, the last year’s exhibition was attended by 2500 companies from 111 countries of the world. This year the number of participants has decreased by 13, however, the exhibitory area had to be expanded as now companies have more extensive displays. The nature of the trade fair and the target audience stay the same.  However, there have been some changes in the exhibition in terms of its organization, which, to all appearances, will be highly appreciated both by its participants and visitors.
The agenda of Wire will include a business congress where participants will have an opportunity to discuss topical industry-specific issues.

WIRE/Tube Trade Fairs enjoy recognition among manufacturers and consumers of materials and equipment. It is the place where innovative cable and wire products and cable and wire-making equipment, alongside with a wide range of tools for installation of cable lines, are displayed, new feasible methods and tools used in repairs, etc. are introduced for the first time. It is the place where a record number of important meetings and negotiations take place and a huge number of contracts are signed.

“Our aim is to attract as many exhibitors and interested visitors from Russia as possible”, emphasized Friedrich Kehrer. “Recently the growth dynamics at the exhibition has been fueled by Asian companies. However, Russia, being a largest consumer of cable-making equipment and consumer of cable products, has all prospects to make the top three of our participants”.

The exhibition, like a mirror, reflects the state and development trends of the industry, which meets demands of the electric power sector and many other sectors of economy, as well as determines the key requirements of consumers of materials and technologies. A survey conducted among participants and guests of Wire Trade Fair showed that all of them are interested in development of energy-saving technologies and improvement of equipment efficiency. In other words, we should design the cable-making machines in the way that less power is spent to manufacture a unit of end products, while the total output is greater.

This is of special importance in conditions of unstable economy in the world, generally, and evident devaluation of the ruble in Russia. According to Deputy Director General of JSC “VNIIKP”, Director General of "Trade House of VNIIKP" Evgeny Vasiliyev, Russian cable-making enterprises are going through hard times. In order to manufacture cable and wire products in Russia and CIS countries they widely use import materials and equipment (the share of import amounts to 60% and 90%, respectively). Therefore, any devaluation of the ruble hits Russian manufacturers of cable and wire products in the wallet.  The second half of 2013 became a trial for cable-making plants in financial and economic terms. Although the industry did not come crashing down, there was some stagnation in it. In these conditions Wire Trade Fair makes it possible to find innovative economic solutions and attract investments in the industry.

One of the tasks of the exhibition is exporting Wire to different countries of the world. And Moscow plays an important part in the process. More than half a century ago “Messe Düsseldorf GmbH” entered the Russian market to eventually become one of the leaders among foreign exhibition organizers in Russia.

Wire Russia Trade Fair is held in Moscow (on Expocentre Fairgrounds) biennially. For 14 years the Web-portal RusCable.Ru has been the general Web-partner of Wire Russia Trade Fair, with the support of “KABEL-news” specialized edition.