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Seminar on "Innovative Technologies in Electricity"

Seminar on Innovative Technologies in Electricity

28 November 2013, 15:45
Tags: MOSELEKTRO, Moselektroschit, Eta-com Group


The factory " Moselektroschit " is the flagship asset of GC " MOSELEKTRO " , that held a seminar on "Innovative Technologies in Electricity" in Belgium for their clients , the main subject of discussion became conductive cast resin . The seminar was attended by heads of relevant trends and leading specialists of "RusHydro ", " Rossetti " and other major consumer electronics.

Eta-com Group ( Belgium) has become the learning platform, the official partner of which is " MOSELEKTRO” on the territory of Russia. This allowed to come to the lighting theme as Eta-Com supplies the world market last generation equipment not only theoretically but also practically.

The seminar was led by Michel Gaspard , Managing Director Eta-com. In his speech he spoke about the benefits of current cast lead over other types of this equipment on its areas of application. Today conductive cast is the most advanced product in the electric power industry. Mr. Gaspard examined in detail its features , noting that this is the only conductor having a continuous isolation of the entire length of the route , avoiding short circuit and protects against external factors. It is suitable for use in aggressive environments - namely, petrochemical, metallurgical, nuclear, oil refining industrial facilities. In addition there was an excursion to the enterprise. Guests were introduced to the manufacturing processes, quality control, which is paid at the factory attention, etc.

All participants were satisfied with the activities that allowed them to make acquaintance with the product , personally experience its benefits and get detailed answers to their questions .

Eta-Com Group is a well- known Belgian manufacturer of electrical pathways . The company was founded in 1979. Its equipment has established itself in the market as one of the most efficient, reliable and safe. It conductors cast resin brand Betobar-r ( in Russian promoted under the brand name «RBC - Betobar») Low voltage (LA, LB) and medium voltage (PH). These products are used as large industrial facilities and power generation, oil and gas companies, chemical companies, IT- structure.