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SemiRigid 1050 is a swiss precision in the semi-rigid coaxial cable stripping

SemiRigid 1050 is a swiss precision in the semi-rigid coaxial cable stripping

20 November 2013, 12:46
Tags: Sovtest ATE


The partner of " Sovtest ATE ", one of the world 's leading manufacturers of equipment for the processing of wire and cable, Schleuniger ( Switzerland) company today announced a new programmable machine – a semiautomatic SemiRigid 1050 for stripping of semi-rigid coaxial cable.

Currently coaxial cables are widely used in communication networks , test and measurement equipment , navigation , satellite television and other industries where it is necessary to transmit high-frequency signals . The innovation of Schleuniger company semiautomatic SemiRigid 1050 is designed to better prepare the installation of the cable , which in turn increases the reliability of the above equipment .

The new model SemiRigid 1050 is an updated version of the previous model SemiRigid 1000 that has successfully established itself in the market. The updated version has a number of improvements that simplify the job of mopping semi-rigid coaxial cables greatly:

• Semiautomatic Operating unit, in principle, is a unique system of mechanical units with electronic control, modified in comparison to the previous model SemiRigid 1000 ;
• 7 - inch color touch screen with high resolution, simple and intuitive interface with convenient navigation menu - the greatest ease and accelerate the work of the operator ;
• Availability of useful programs - "masters" for setup and maintenance of the machine;
• Ergonomic design and high security.

Semiautomatic model combines all the necessary operations for semi-rigid cable cleaning.

Technical characteristics:

The diameter of the cable

max. 4,5 mm/ min. 0,86 mm

Maximum diameter of cable (only trimming of the center conductor)

9 mm

stripping length

30 mm

The minimum diameter of the center conductor


Diameter of the tuning step stripping


Step length setting stripping

0,01 mm

cycle time

> 3 sec, (depends on cable type and settings)

The program memory

> 1000 cable type


2x USB «Host», for foot, Ethernet (ad. option)

noise level

< 70 dB

energy consumption

100/115 V, 230/240 V, 150 VA, 50/60 Hz

air Pressure

6 bar

Air consumption per cycle

7-30 l, 6 bars (depends on cable type and settings)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

566 X 215 x 252 mm


19.5 kg netto


«Schleuniger AG» recommends to present cable samples when you hesitate about the processing type

Semi-automatic stripping semi-rigid coaxial cable SemiRigid 1050 fully complies with all standards and requirements of CE and EMC regarding mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Note that the company " Sovtest ATE " is engaged for 15 years in supplying equipment for processing wire and cable markets in Russia and CIS . Accumulated knowledge over the years and experience allow our experts to solve the problem not only individual , but also to offer integrated solutions for the manufacture of wiring harnesses , taking into account all their needs and requirements for our customers . In order to understand the possible goals and objectives of our customers , our company decided to develop its own roving production, equipped with the most advanced equipment , and training of our specialists from two standards : IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC-A- 610 -E.
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