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EVRAZ NTMK saved 50 million rubles(180 000 dollars) in energy resources

EVRAZ NTMK saved 50 million rubles(180 000 dollars)  in energy resources

21 October 2013, 09:22


EVRAZ NTMK summed up the implementation of the first system in the enterprise of electricity and natural gas metering. Energy savings for the year amounted about 50 million rubles

The pilot project of accounting system was implemented in the converter shop of the plant. It is designed to maintain effective and economical modes of production units, determining the power consumption in the process of manufacture of finished products.

215 energy meters and 48 meter stations of natural gas were installed at steelmaking units. They are mounted on the converters, continuous casting machines, "ladle-furnace" installations, a vacuum degasser and other "power-hungry" equipment. The meter readings are broadcast on-line on desktop computers and allow the experts to see how the current energy consumption saves the information in an electronic archive.
Last year in the converter shop at EVRAZ NTMK they managed to save more than 7.5 million cubic meters of natural gas and more than 12.5 million kilowatt / hours of electricity, as IMS "Metal Supply and Sales" reports.

The developers of the new system of energy accounting are experts in the converter shop, the main energy management and IT-services company. Nowadays, proposals for the implementation of similar projects in other parts of the EVRAZ NTMK are prepared.