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Power cables "ELECTROCABLE" have been vetted by JSC "FGC UES" (JSC "Rossetti")

18 October 2013, 10:51
Tags: ELECTROCABLE, FGC UES, Power cables


The  plant  "Electrocable" once again confirmed the high quality of its products.

JSC "FGC UES" (JSC "Rossetti") has certified the following products, produced by JSC "CZE":

 - Power cables , flame retardant , with low smoke and gas emission with 0.66 and 1 kV, brands VVGng (A )-LS, VVGEng (A )-LS, AVVGng (A )-LS, AVVGEng (A )-LS , VBShvng (A )-LS, AVBShvng (A )-LS, VVG- APG (A )-LS, AVVG - APG (A )-LS;

 - Power cables insulated with polyethylene with a voltage of 1 kV, brands APvVGng (A )-LS, PvVGng (A )-LS, APvBShvng (A )-LS, PvBShvng (A )-LS.

At the conclusion of certifying commission, the cables fully comply with the standards and the additional requirements of OAO "UES FGC " (JSC " Rossetti ) ."

Certified cables are recommended for use in the units of " FGC UES " (JSC " Rossetti " ) .