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Norilsk Nickel has created a new system for the nickel production

15 October 2013, 15:22
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The specialists of the department of scientific and technological development and environmental safety Kola (a subsidiary of MMC "Norilsk Nickel") together with the specialists of the Institute " Hypronickel  invented a new method of producing nickel from sulphide ore raw materials.

It is based on the method of the supply from oxygen and chlorine. Iron contained in the raw material becomes depleted residue , copper - as sulphurous product - is derived from nickel and cobalt from the leaching solution , which is then purified from other contaminants. In an electrolytic refined nickel hydroxide and cobalt are made in recycled metals as a result of trade.

New method for nickel sulfide raw materials eliminates the production of pyrometallurgical processing of ore concentrate and reduces the associated significant material and operating costs.

In addition , the new method allows to extract the ore up to 5 percent more marketable products.

The invention of the Kola metallurgists was approved by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property Russia .