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"Schwabe" is implementing the project of RAS costed $ 6 million rubles

14 October 2013, 14:18
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The Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISTP) has published a tender to select the artist to create heliogeophysical complex in the National Academy of Sciences. The winner was "Schwabe", included in Rostekhnadzor.

"Rostekhnadzor will take part in the realization of one of the largest projects of the Russian Academy of Sciences in modern Russian history - the general director Sergei Chemezov Corporation noted. – The establishment of the National Heliophysical complex will contribute to the development of a number of areas of basic science. Enterprises have all the necessary competencies and modern production base to meet this challenge. "

"Thanks to the Holding" Schwabe ", which brought together leading optical companies of the country, and the support of the State Corporation" Rostekhnadzor " we managed to win the competition to create the National Academy of Sciences heliogeophysical complex," says councilor of Sciences, the member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Helium Stallions.

The new complex will track the processes occurring in near space and near-Earth space in order to study the impact of the solar wind on the magnetosphere and ionosphere , to observe variation of parameters mesosphere and the thermosphere, to investigate the structure and physics of the upper atmosphere of the Earth and close to solving the fundamental problem - the explanation of the solar heating of the corona.

"During the project, " Schwabe " has to develop and produce advanced optical and radio telescopes, radar and other unique astronomical instruments, but also to build the necessary infrastructure," - said the CEO of the holding Sergei Maxine.

The cost of only one set of project documentation will be 865.6 million rubles (90 000 dollars). The tract constructions of radioheliograph in Badary Tunkinsky region of Buryatia must be set, radar systems in Listvyanka (Irkutsk region), the solar telescope coronagraph in Monda (Buryatia) and optical instruments will be installed in the village of Torah (Buryatia). The total cost of the project, the completion of which is scheduled for 2020 - is more than 17 billion rubles (300 000 dollars).

The complex, in particular, will include solar telescope with a coronagraph-diameter primary mirror of 3.4 meters, multi-wave radio heliograph, radar system, optical rangefinder range with a main mirror diameter of 2.6 meters, interferometers, spectrographs, photometers and center management.

Director of the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Potekhin believes that "the joint efforts of this supercomplex and important project will be successfully implemented in a given time frame."».

A focal point will be created for the implementation of the "National Academy of Sciences Heliophysical complex" based on the part of the holding "Schwabe" Lytkarino Optical Glass (LZOS). Together with the ISTP the prospects of cooperation between Russian and foreign companies on the optical parts of the project in the field of radio astronomy will also be studied.