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Cable for large-scale projects in "Rosseti"

Yesterday the representatives of magazines «Cable -news» and «ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution» visited the opening of the Italian company Prysmian Group - the world leader in the cable industry - a new factory for the production of cables, medium, high and extra high voltage in Rybinsk. The opening ceremony was attended by Prysmian Group CEO Valerio Battista , CEO of Prysmian Group in Russia Cesare Biddzhodzhera / the Deputy Ambassador of Italy in Russia Giovanni Yannutstsi , Deputy General Director of the Innovation Development of " Rossetti " Paul Korsunov Yaroslavl Governor Sergei Hawks , Mr. Mayor . Rybinsk Yuri Dove .

The new plant is organized on the production site " RybinskElectrocable ." Investment project cost for Italians PG 55 million euros.
"We are just beginning the business production in Russia, - said General Director of PG Valerio Battista. - Before we focused solely on cable supply for serious Russian projects. One of our biggest customers is the "Rossetti company ", as well as major oil and gas holdings. But one thing are sales of finished products, and quite another is the organization of the business in a foreign country, especially in such a vast and multifaceted as Russia. This is comparable with the most incredible adventures. "

Prysman Group has accumulated vast experience in organizing production lines around the cable company's factories that  are located on five continents. In Russia the company is represented by two sites: the plant "Neva Cable" and electrocable Rybinsk plant. Over time, PG is planning to take a significant share of the Russian market in the sector of cables SP 220 and 330 kV.

“Rybinsk received from us technology that the company has developed for 100 years, as well as know-how, created especially for the Russians, and especially for the Rybinsk, - said V. Batista. - This is due to the fact that in the long term Rybinsk will be one of the main producers of high-voltage cables and cables for a voltage of 35 kV.

JSC " Rossetti " requires more and more cable products , - said the deputy director Paul Korsunov . - We are currently realizing a number of major projects, one of which is the translation overhead lines to underground cable lines . This is especially true for large cities. Thus, only in St. Petersburg, thanks to the realization of this project released 200 hectares of urban land. Another trend , which company focused on, is substitution of import. Judge it yourself: in 2008 the share of imports in our procurement was 70 % , and cable joint venture accounted for 100 % of imports. Now the situation has changed dramatically: over 50% of the volume of purchases in " Rossetti " are domestic production , and the following year this figure will reach 60%. We consider the production of " Rybinsk electric cable to be Russian - it will be done in our country, by our people .

The opening of the production line is only the first step in the development of the cable industry in Rybinsk. While the building area is 30 thousand m2, eventually production area expanded to 120 m2 - the place under construction already purchased.

Production manager Olivier Uzz led the guests attending the opening ceremony at the main shop, where the main production facilities are. The entire process chain - from receipt of a metal wire to the coil winding finished cable - focuses on one site. "We have high-tech machines and innovative technology of insulation , - said Mr. Uzz . - Our scientific and technical centers located in different parts of the world , offer the most effective solutions to improve cable products . All factories that are parts of the group are working on the same technology. According to O. Uzza , now the prototype factory in Rybinsk are in the process of certification and standardization in Milan, where the headquarters of the Prysmian Group, and in ROSSTANDART . Output at industrial scale will start in the second quarter of 2014 , the designed capacity of the company will be released in 2016.

 “By this time, we need to train specialists, - said General Director of Prysmian Group in Russia Cesare Biddzhodzhera. - The factory differs with highly automated processes, however there will 100 be new jobs. Recruit specialists will only be from the local population. We are interested in the cable guy, but we are willing to train people of other professions. Its employees guarantee a good stable salary and the opportunity to work on a new production with a high level of culture and technology.

Now for us the main thing is to choose frames, - said Charles Biddzhodzhera. - The equipment can be bought, technology - transported, but people can only be found in Rybinsk. And so they went to us - they need something to get excited about. This is something we are currently working on.

Italians expect that in the next three years the company's sales, taking into account the implementation of Rybinsk cable, will reach around 200 million euros. Meanwhile, responding to the question of the magazine "ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and distribution, "whether Rybinsk cable will be supplied in the country and abroad, top managers of Prysmian Group stressed that the plant" Rybinsk power cable "is becoming an integral part of a large global production of cable and wire products, and therefore Rybinsk cable will be sold around the world.
The Governor of the Yaroslavl region Sergey Hawks drew participants' attention to the fact that the new cable plant in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl is an essential element of the industrial cluster . "We are excited about this - the governor said - and on the other hand we promise a favorable investment climate and effective help in dealing with various issues." The mayor of the city Rybinsk Yuri Dove , in turn , said that the city is happy for the discovery of a new production. The new factory means new tax revenues to the city treasury , the ability to carry out social projects , implement housing programs , to develop the urban area .

- The new plant is a new bridge in the development of relations between our countries , it is a new relationship between the states , cities , people , - concluded the Deputy Ambassador of Italy in Russia Giovanni Yannutstsi . - I see that Prysmian in Russia has good prospects. And I think that a successful business of the Italian company in Russia will benefit the Russian economy.