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The cost of cable lines with 110 kV and 220 kV voltage on substations of "Butirki" has been reduced by 270 million rubles

3 October 2013, 12:22
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The Moscow City Committee on Pricing in the construction and public review of projects reported that the projects of cable lines reconstruction and construction with voltage of 110 kV and 220 ,that are extending from an electrical substation "Butirki" to substations "Samara" and "Belarus" ,were approved by state examination. The overall decline in the cost of work is a little more than 270 million rubles.

In frames of large program realization aimed at improving of  the reliability of power supply capacity and the elimination of the deficit in the Moscow region , the reconstruction of two 110 kV cable lines from the power substation "Butirki" to Substation "Samara " and the construction of two circuits of 220 kV cable lines from the substation "Butirki" to Substation "Belarusian” will be carried out. The length of the lines that pass through the territories of the Central , Northern and North- Eastern Administrative Districts , are, respectively , 5.7 and 5 km .

Trails cable lines are laid open in the ground at a depth of 1.5 to 4.2 m above the cables in trenches covered with concrete slabs for protection against mechanical damage. When crossing the roads and communications using trenchless laying of cable duct in polyethylene pipes using horizontal directional drilling. In these areas 32 such closed transitions were identified, the total length of the trenchless installation is 2.5 million running meters.

"When choosing a KL line, several options are considered for routing the cable line. In the end, routes passing predominantly along existing roads were selected. This will minimize land laying in urban areas and with a special mode for nature "- said the Chairman of the Committee Igor Solonnikov.

To mark the trails of cable lines , a system of intelligent electronic markers installed in the ground along the length of runs is applied. Intelligent markers provide unambiguous determination, unmistakable location of underground objects using searchers and the ability to read and write information markers . In particular, it provides control and transmission of data signals on the temperature profile of a high-voltage cable and technological modes of equipment and systems for emergency control .

During the construction areas of natural systems will be partially affected, including the monument of landscape architecture, "Peter Park", boulevards and squares on Leningrad Prospect Street and Dobrolyubova and plot of land on Olympic Avenue. After the completion of construction the restoration of ground cover an area of over 21 thousand square meters. M is planned, as well as compensatory greening with the planting of trees and shrubs.

During the examination, the reconstruction cost for the renovation and construction of cable lines was reduced, respectively, 190 and 80 million rubles, or 14%, and 5% of the original submission of the cost.

"Tthe cost of cable lines in these areas is influenced by the fact that the works are carried out in cramped conditions in the vicinity of high-voltage cable line in tension", - said Igor Solonnikov.