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GC "Meridian" won the competition for the construction design work for the of 220 kV Substation "Malachite" - SS "Marble"

GC Meridian won the competition for the construction design work for the of 220 kV Substation Malachite - SS Marble

3 October 2013, 09:53
Tags: Meridian, SevZapEnergoInzhiniring


The company "SevZapEnergoInzhiniring" (OOO "SZEI"), еру part of the Civil Code "Meridian", won the tender for the engineering research and development of design estimates for construction of 220 kV Substation "Malachite" - SS "Marble" with the expansion of 220 kV PS "Malachite" and the expansion of 220 kV Substation "Marble". The project is realized in the framework of the investment program of JSC "UES FGC". The customer was a branch of JSC "UES FGC" MES Urals. Contract amount is about 25 million.

During the works the company's specialists will prepare a draft for the new construction of 220 kV between the existing 220 kV "Malachite" and 220 kV "Marble", as well as a project to install new cells for switchgear 220 kV and the expansion of existing support systems in the volume of new equipment connection lines.

The contract provides a large amount of works – beginning with the collection of initial permits and complex land management up to the development of the tender documentation. For optimal realisation of the project , members of LLC " SZEI " are working on different versions of the line. At its track over the length of which will be about 80 km, can cross the various towns, rivers, federal roads , so we investigate the possibility to work around them . This will not only simplify the approval and construction of the facility, but also line up in the future. When the customer approves one of the options, a more detailed study of each solution will be drafted. The specialists of " SZEI " carry out the study of developments in the service of the state construction supervision and examination.

It is worth to note that the need to build a new line resulted from the need to increase the bandwidth and the safety increasing of the given power tie.