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Kola MMC completed the implementation of the next investment project

Kola MMC completed the implementation of the next investment project

30 September 2013, 13:44
Tags: Norilsk Nickel


16 new flotation machines WEMCO  launched in the department matte separation (RUF) in refining plant Kola (a subsidiary of MMC "Norilsk Nickel.”We hope that the new equipment will improve the quality of parameters of the separation of matte and reduce operating costs" - said General Director of Kola MMC Sergei Besedovskiy.

The first units were installed in the RUF in 2004. Then four WEMCO flotations were included in an experiment in the production scheme of refining plant instead of 20 old FMR-10flotations.

Trial operation of plants proved the expectations. Machines are easy to use and easy to manage. They use a fraction of electricity and are fully automated, in particular, are equipped with automatic level control of the pulp and the depth of the foam layer. In addition, they are able to maintain the continuity of the production process independently: after all these surges flotation cells they resume work without cleaning chambers. In general, this technique allows us to achieve higher performance for metal recovery, and thus - to produce additional volumes of marketable products.

Another important quality of new technology is the fact that their working mechanisms are worn out slower and therefore require less financial costs to repair. Thus, the life of the impeller, mixing pulp, in the old domestic machines ranging from eight months to a year, and in the flotation machines WEMCO - from four to six years.

The project enabled the Kola MMC to stop using outdated flotation 100 FMR-10. The company's investment in upgraded appliances made 189 million rubles.