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The head of “Russian net” has inspected the affiliate of MRSK in Siberia Kuzbasenergo - REC

24 September 2013, 19:48
Tags: MRSK


The Director General JSC “Rusnet” Oleg Budargin visited Kemerovo on August, 14. During the arrival the head of “Russian net” had a business meeting with the Head of Kemerovo region Aman Tuleev, devoted to the the preparation of the electric grid complex of the region for the autumn-winter period of maximum stress and discussed with the JSCo “MRSK Siberia”-“Kuzbasenergo-REC” the current work and readiness for the coming winter of the affiliate.

During the meeting with power engineers Oleg Budarin listened to the report of Director General JSCo “MRSK Siberia” Konstantin Petuhov, devoted to the analysis of power supply situation among Kemerovo consumers and suggestion about growth of its reliability. He also listened to the “KUZbasenergo – REC” worker’s suggestions about the improvements in the company. At the end of the meeting the Head of JSCo “Rosnet” claimed a new head of “Kuzbasenergo-REC”. It was Uriy Antonov , who had been the Head of Energy Administration in the Department of Energy and Coil Industry in Kemerovo Region.

Oleg Budarin pointed out a range of priority tasks , including the preparation of Kuzbas grid complex to the successful passing of winter, shortening the terms of liquidation of technological failures, forming of the nucleus of human resources, as well as improving the quality of work with consumers and focusing on clients.

The heads of “Kuzbasenergo-REC” have to take serious steps to increase the reliability of power supply. Uriy Antonov will personally report to Director General of “Rusnet” Oleg Budarin about the taken decisions and results on September, 10.

Notes: As it has been previously said, Artem Grinin was dismissed from the position of Deputy Director General JSCo “MRSK Siberia” and the Director of “Kusbasenergo-REC” affiliate by Oleg Budarion on August, 6. The reasons were low rates of renovation program and the preparation of grid complex of the Kemerovo region for the autumn-winter period of maximum stress.