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The opening of a full production cycle of ABB's high-voltage bushings

The opening of a full production cycle of ABB's high-voltage bushings

19 September 2013, 14:07
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September 5, 2013, the official opening of a full production cycle of bushings ABB factory in the Moscow region Hotkovo took place.
At the grand opening of the production, ABB has invited not only to its customers and partners from all over Russia, but also visitors from Belarus, Ukraine and Switzerland.

The president of ABB in Russia- Anatoly Popov opened the official presentation. He thanked all those who took part in the creation of this company. Anatoly and paid attention to the history of the company in Russia, objectives and prospects of development of ABB's plans for the modernization and development of industrial sites. "The development of production in Russia is the cornerstone of our future growth. We will build on the existing site and build new ones. "

Then the word was given to Sergei Nikulnikova, the head of the department "Transformers and components," which told a little history of the city Hotkovo, spoke about the cultural and spiritual heritage of the region. He spoke about the history of education in the ABB factory Hotkovo: in 1995 at the plant "Electrolyte" ABB production appeared and in 1997 the first products were made - oil-filled bushings, and in 2000 the production of inputs with RIP-insulated began, and, finally, now the company switched to the production of a full cycle of the process of winding up the acceptance tests. The entire 8000 square meters capacity meets with 50 employees and production capacity for up to 3,500 entries per year.

It should be noted that the part of the equipment of the plant has been designed specifically for use in Russia, for example, automatic casting machine, the joint development of ABB in Switzerland and Hedrich (Germany).

Valery Istomin greeted the guests at the event, chief engineer at ABB Hotkovo. He spoke about the dramatic changes that have occurred in the production of ABB in the past 15 years.

Micafil factory manager for the production of high voltage Irina Loytveller says: "I am very glad to be here today. Previously, we have produced this equipment in Switzerland and then supplied to Russia. But the Russian market is constantly expanding, and we faced certain difficulties, such as delays in customs. And I'm happy that we can now make entries here, in Russia. Especially since we have invested so much effort in helping to organize the work of the factory and the teaching staff. "

High-voltage inputs produced by "ABB" in Hotkovo are manufactured under license and technology in Micafil, in a group ABB. Of course, the range of the factory in Switzerland is somewhat wider than the factory in Russia. Micafil manufactures and ready to work out at the request of the customer inputs with RIP-insulation up to 550 kV. In Russia a complete production cycle of bushings most sought-after designs for 110 and 220 kV has been introduced. A distinctive feature of the inputs with RIP-isolation technology Micafil is the additional insulating layer, called MICAGEL between the outer insulation and RIP-core. For more than 50 years of production experience the Micafil technology continues to improve, as evidenced by long-life RIP-production inputs Micafil, which by feedback from our customers is more than 30 years.

Product manager Gak Vitali commented on the technological details of production.

The grand opening was marked by a symbolic cutting of red tape.

All guests at the event were invited to witness the production process of high-voltage bushings. The excursion began with a tour of the first process step - the winding core. The process of winding the core is carried out automatically and controlled by specialists.
The Head of the department for procurement of "Bascom" Il'nur Gazizov added: "We have been cooperating with ABB and in all that time we never had complaints on the product. ABB employees always go to the contact, and therefore it is a pleasure to work with such a reliable partner. "

Then the guests saw the staging area and impregnating compound. Equipment is designed and manufactured exclusively for Russia. All the processes for the preparation of the compound and the RIP-impregnated cores are automatically under the supervision of specialists.
Finally, after the treatment of the core in the turning shop, the entering is fully assembled and passes the acceptance tests for compliance with the Russian standard GOST 10693-81, the international standard IEC 60137, as well as more stringent internal requirements of ABB.

All the guests were impressed with both the presentation and production, ABB, and wished to continue to keep so high.