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The company Rosseti will create a center of technical control

The company Rosseti will create a center of technical control

16 September 2013, 10:13
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The Center of Technical Supervision will be created in JSC "Rossetti". The decision was taken at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company, held this week.

The affiliate will control the implementation of the main provisions of a unified technical policy group of companies "Rossetti" as well as the implementation of a uniform policy of Technical Supervision in the power sector. In the newly created body will monitor compliance in the operating companies of "Rossetti" established operational requirements and technical needs, the implementation of the rules and requirements for the safe and economical conduct of the regime, the organization and operational analysis of the impact of technological failures in the networks generalization of the practice of regulatory measures for the safe conduct of work and reliable operation of the equipment and organization development to improve them.

The Center is ought to oversight of the technical condition of power supply facilities: operation of the equipment, the implementation of energy efficiency and energy services, the state of security zones of power lines, substations, and the preparations of special periods for the passage (winter peak loads, fires, floods, worsening weather conditions).

Special attention will be paid to the works on the reconstructed and newly constructed facilities, in particular, the availability of permits, production operations and its compliance with regulatory requirements.
The new structure will also be presented to the Regional Office of Technical Inspection (RUTN) RUTN East RUTN Siberia RUTN Western Siberia, the Urals RUTN, RUTN Volga RUTN Center RUTN South RUTN North Caucasus RUTN Northwest.