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Tests of HTS DC cable line were taken by JSC "FGC UES SEC”

Tests of HTS DC cable line were taken by JSC FGC UES SEC”

3 September 2013, 13:15
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The creation of a superconducting cable line DC for the St. Petersburg power supply with the capacity of 50 MW is held by LLC "UES FGC" . This August tests two of 30 -foot lengths of bipolar HTS DC cable assembly with two end and a coupling on the transmission power of 50 MW were carried out.

The cable was developed by JSC " FGC UES SEC " and manufactured at the factory  " Irkutskcable ." The Developer of cable fittings is NRC "Kurchatov Institute». Tests were carried out on the basis of NRC "Kurchatov Institute" including the staff of the three organizations mentioned above . The main purpose of the tests is to check current-carrying capacity of HTS cable , which is made entirely of an industrial enterprise and oriented to test a new design of cryogenic current leads and the joint .

During the test the current followed the scheme: positive current lead - straight conductor cable of 30 meters - the connection with the central conductor - straight wire of 30 meters - the current lead - bridge between the current leads - current lead - odrat conductor of 30 meters – Connection of the return conductors - return conductor of 30 meters - " zero " current lead . Thus 120 meters of superconducting cable conductors and the resistance of the cable line connections were tested. Cooling cable line was held according to the temporary scheme of pumping liquid nitrogen through the line between the two cryogenic tanks.

The main test results:

  •  While the operating current cable is 2500 A and 2750 A overcurrent (TK), the critical current was 3420 A. This critical current cable is the sum of the critical currents of the used superconducting tapes, which indicates the development of a reliable technology of its manufacture. During the test the cable included current 3600 amperes.
  • Current inputs and coupling passed the test for the strength of the vacuum and pressure. When the two spent fills the entire fixture has demonstrated reliable operation without the appearance of leaks or heavy frost.
  • The electrical resistance of the compounds remained stable over the entire current range. Resistance of two conductors in the coupling was less than one mikrom. The resistance of the four current leads were within 21-23 mikroms, which corresponds to the released at rated power up to 140 watts.

The test results confirmed the compliance of the measured parameters of HTS cable line specification. The next step is the production of full-length cable (430 m) and the hardware and then test two lengths at the site of JSC "FGC UES SEC."

Implementing the plan of creation a bipolar HTS DC cable assembly with two end and a coupling on the transmission power of 50 MW, JSC "FGC UES SEC" has once again confirmed its status as a unique long-term supplier of innovative products and advanced technology for the power industry.