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The Minister of energy in RF Alexander Novak presented a report about Far East situation to the President Vladimir Putin

19 August 2013, 13:40
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The Minister of Energy Alexander Novak reported to the President RF Vladimir Putin about the state of electricity-energy infrastructure objects during the selector meeting, that were in underflooding area   in Amur region, Jewish autonomous region and Khabarovsk district.
As the Minister said, 260 lines of electricity transmissions, 6463 pillars, 3 substations of 35 and 110 kV were flooded. Nowadays the restoration works are being held by JSCo “ FGC UES" and JSCo "DRSC”. All consumers were shifted to reserve power supply, power supply goes stable.

Alexander Novak has reported that all the equipment works right, without failures, power supply goes stable. There is no notes on dams body. On the Zeya hydroelectric station upstream water level is 319.5 m, the speed of its increase - 3 cm in 4 hours. The downstream water level- 225.2 m, height - 2 cm in 4 hours. The  total discharge of water in the amount of 4469 cubic meters. m / s is carried on,  the inflow is 7900 cubic meters. m / s, according to the forecast , the level may rise in the near future up to 10,000 cubic meters. m / s. On Bureyskaya HPP upstream water level is- 225.48 m, the increase of 4 hours is 1 cm, downstream water level is- 139.26 m, the increase of 4 hours is 51 cm. The total inflow to HPP - 4320 cu. m / s, the total discharge - 3200 cu. m / s.

The specialists of Ministry of Energy are monitoring the situation and participating in actions coordination to reduce the aftermaths of underflooding in obligatory way.